Lagoon Solids Mapping & Sonar Services

The purpose of a lagoon survey is to explore and document the accumulation of the solids deposited in the lagoon system which can be used to help develop a management plan, required changes, or upgrades to the facility.

Accurate data is essential to assess the current condition of a lagoon system, as well as to help maintain or improve lagoon system health. Decision-makers need quality information to properly budget and plan for lagoon solids volume reduction, lagoon cleaning, and EPA lagoon closure projects. Stewart Spreading has the required technology and a proven process to gather and report lagoon data so we can help our clients determine if their lagoons are functioning properly or if corrective actions are necessary.

Our lagoon solids mapping and sonar process is as follows:

  • RC boat survey – Data is collected with a remote-controlled, sonar-equipped boat that collects a data point every second (four to six feet apart). The boat takes sonar depth points to the top of the solids throughout the lagoon, which are tagged by GPS satellite location. Data is saved and recorded.
  • Physical measurements – Vital measurements are taken at the time of the survey, including measurements taken via a small, two-man boat and a sludge judge tool. This data will be used to confirm the sonar data results from the sonar software which provides volume of the free water and solids in place at the time of the survey.
  • Map report generation – Data collected by the sonar boat and physical measurements are used to generate a report that shows a 3D color map detailing the solids depth throughout the lagoon.
  • Lagoon solids sample extraction – By extracting solids cores from key locations in the lagoon, we can verify solids depth. Solids samples are tested and evaluated in an independent laboratory.
  • Final solids survey report generation – We provide a complete solids survey report that includes:
    • Solids and free water volume by cubic feet and cubic yards
    • Solids composition
    • Solids distribution
    • 3D solids map

The benefit of utilizing our lagoon solids mapping and sonar services is that we provide assurance that your lagoon is operating properly or recommendations for corrective actions to improve your system.

To learn more about lagoon solids mapping and sonar services or request a proposal for an upcoming project, contact us today.