EPA Reporting and Compliance

One of our goals at Stewart Spreading is to make life easier for our clients regardless of which of our services we are providing. Our turnkey offerings are designed to ensure that there are no headaches and no surprises. We complete all necessary EPA reporting and compliance work — both before and after project completion — in-house with our own staff and specialized equipment.

We specialize in producing and managing a complete and fully compliant Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) biosolids program that meets US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) 503 regulations, IEPA 391 regulations, and Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) 330 regulations.

Our monitoring and compliance department provides our clients with complete monthly operating reports, which are required by the IEPA, for all biosolids and other land application programs. This reporting service includes, but is not limited to, permitting, analysis interpretation, agronomic calculations, volume record keeping, and IEPA landowner and adjacent notifications. Reporting also includes cumulative loadings and detailed maps of all locations receiving biosolids, lime, and other usable recycled products.

Our Department of Agronomy provides agricultural producers with everything that is needed to perform and maintain a successful and compliant program, including: soil sampling, field flagging, field permitting, farmer and client communication, agronomic considerations, monthly reporting, consulting, and more.

Managing EPA reporting and compliance in-house removes the burden of paperwork and reporting from our clients. They have the assurance that the project will be completed to their satisfaction, and they will receive all information required to comply with pertinent regulations.

To learn more about our EPA reporting and compliance services or request a proposal for an upcoming project, contact us today.