Emergency and Other Services

Stewart Spreading provides a wide range of residuals management services. In addition to the ones covered in detail in the “Services” section of our website’s top navigation, we also provide the following emergency and other services:

  • Emergency Pumping
  • Screen and Transfer
  • Mobile Dewatering
  • Mobile Screening
  • Vac-Truck Services
  • Wastewater Residuals Management
  • Drinking Water Residuals Management, Lime, and Other
  • Beneficial Recycling of Compostable Materials
  • Green Industrial Solutions
  • Water / Wastewater Plant Construction Support Services
  • Water / Wastewater Plant Decommissioning Services
  • Community Outreach and Public Relations Services
  • Crop Production and Custom Farming Services

To learn more about our services or to request a proposal for an upcoming project, contact us today.