Digester and Tank Cleaning

The removal of biosolids from digesters and various types of tanks is essential to keep them operating efficiently and maximizing their lifespan. However, it is a challenging process because of the high volume of material involved, as well as the confined space aspect.

Digesters and tanks accumulate dense, gritty solids over time. As biosolids and other debris build up, equipment will not work as efficiently, and operational processes may be disrupted. Environmental standards may also be compromised if equipment is not cleaned promptly and returned into service.

The benefits of cleaning digesters include:

  • Increased detention time
  • Increased digestion
  • Extended life of pumps, pipes, & associated parts and equipment
  • Reduced downtime for cleaning of rags, plastics, & debris from pumps

Stewart Spreading’s team of experts has served municipalities, commercial businesses, agricultural producers, and general contractors and is ready to apply innovative solutions for your digester and tank-cleaning projects. We have trained professionals and the proper equipment required to remove the digester contents and mechanically screen the biosolids to remove rags, plastics, and other debris, leaving them suitable for agricultural reuse. The rags, plastics and other debris that are screened out are then properly disposed of under the current landfill profile.

Time is valuable, so we work with our clients to best fit their timeline in order to minimize disruptions to operations. All EPA reporting and compliance is performed in-house to make the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible.

We have nearly three decades of experience cleaning a variety of tanks, including:

  • Anaerobic and aerobic digester tanks
  • Biosolids storage tanks
  • Aeration tanks
  • Clarifiers
  • Oxidation ditches
  • Other permit-required confined space tanks

To learn more about digester and tank cleaning or request a proposal for an upcoming project, contact us today.