Commercial / Industrial

For 30 years, Stewart Spreading has taken pride in providing innovative, unique residuals management solutions with the highest level of service for industrial clients. Not satisfied with being just another residuals company, we are constantly evaluating processes in order to improve efficiencies and maximize the opportunities available to progressively and consistently meet the demands of our clients. 

Beneficial re-use, recycling or composting of various non-hazardous waste streams is often more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable than landfill disposal options. Since each client’s waste stream has its own set of unique characteristics, all testing is performed to confirm that it complies with EPA land application standards and is suitable for green re-use options.

Our team specializes in providing turn-key solutions for industrial clients’ residual management needs by including all labor and specialized equipment necessary for residuals removal, including loading, transportation, and land application or transporting to a landfill when necessary. In addition, our agronomy staff completes all necessary EPA reporting and compliance in-house. This service assures our clients that when contracting with Stewart Spreading, the job is not complete until they have all of the information required to comply with pertinent regulations.

Over the years, we have assembled a team of top professionals, developed unique proprietary equipment and implemented the business processes required to provide the highest levels of service to industrial clients and farming partners.

We take pride in helping industrial clients keep their facilities clean and in compliance with their EPA permits. Our services are designed to improve the overall quality of the operation, whether it’s recycling biosolids, beneficially reusing high-calcium lime, or composting for the benefit of both our customers and the environment.

Our residuals management services for industry include:

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