Biosolids and Lime Managment

Stewart Spreading’s biosolids and high-calcium lime management services benefit municipal governments and commercial/industrial businesses by removing suitable residuals from their facilities and transporting them to nearby farms for beneficial reuse. Farmers benefit because they receive excellent soil amendments or free fertilizer and tillage to improve the health of soil for their crops.

Not only does biosolids and lime recycling help municipalities, commercial-industrial generators, and farmers save money, but land application of biosolids, high-calcium lime, and other residuals is the most environmentally friendly method of final disposal. Using an organic fertilizer in place of an inorganic, chemistry-based fertilizer minimizes point source pollution and provides many essential macro- and micronutrients that are needed for crop production and can replenish organic matter in soil that has been depleted.

Biosolids and high-calcium lime are hauled in two forms — liquid and dewatered solids. Stewart Spreading provides all labor and equipment necessary for the removal of residuals, including the loading, transportation, and land application according to all applicable regulations and permit conditions.

Stewart Spreading is wholly committed to the beneficial reuse of biosolids, high-calcium water treatment plant lime, and other reusable residual sources that are beneficial to agriculture.

To learn more about biosolids, lime management, and other residuals management solutions, request a proposal for an upcoming project or inquire about receiving free biosolids or high-calcium lime, please contact us today.