Agriculture Producers

At Stewart Spreading, we are very proud of our agricultural background and the relationships that we have formed with farmers over the years. We have worked with agricultural producers since 1994 and have developed mutually beneficial relationships with farmers who appreciate the importance of the reuse of biosolids as fertilizer and high-calcium lime as a soil amendment.

We understand the unique challenges that farmers face and the advantages that an alternative and sustainable fertilizer source offers in place of conventional (chemistry-based) fertilizer. Land application of biosolids, high-calcium lime, compost, and other residual sources are the most affordable and environmentally friendly options available for building healthy soil. Biosolids recycling not only helps municipalities and farmers save money but using an organic fertilizer in place of a chemically based, inorganic fertilizer will also minimize point source pollution. The nutrients from organic biosolids also remain stable within the biosolids and soil matrix.

It is of the utmost importance to our team that the farmers who accept biosolids and high-calcium lime are happy with the service that they receive and the condition of their land when we finish our work. Our land application equipment has been specially designed with the following in mind. First, the equipment that we use has an excellent spread pattern which ensures consistent land application of residuals. This equates to greater value to the farmers. The unloading capabilities are also extremely efficient. Also, the equipment is equipped with compaction-minimizing features such as high-flotation tires or tracks. These designs have assisted Stewart Spreading in maintaining long-term relationships with agricultural producers as their fields are left in excellent condition. We recognize that farmers are the key to the continued success of our company, as well as our clients’ residuals management programs.

Our core management team has an average of 20+ years of industry experience. Stewart Spreading completes all necessary EPA reporting and compliance in-house with our own staff and specialized equipment which gives our clients assurance of compliance with pertinent regulations.

If there is anyone who knows the importance of maintaining healthy soil, it is farmers who depend on it for growing crops. For nearly three decades, one of our goals has been to assist farmers by providing environmentally friendly, safe, and sustainable solutions. Whether it’s through biosolids and high-calcium lime management, composting, or similar soil enhancement services, we can help you nourish what you grow.

To learn more about our innovative residuals management solutions for farmers or request free biosolids or high-calcium lime, please contact us today.